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Customers can invest their idle funds in a variety of short-term money market instruments. Our products are designed to meet your requirements in the areas of;

  • Yield
  • Safety
  • Liquidity

Our funds management services include;


We offer a variety of call accounts to suit your demand. These are strict call and 7- days notice. Call accounts can be used in conjunction with your current accounts to earn higher rates on idle funds. Funds can be moved from your call account to cover incoming or unclear cheque(s) on your current account(s)


These are fixed deposits. Yields on such deposits vary with the tenor and volume of the investment. With the baker's acceptances a negotiable bill evidences the deposit. Interest on fixed deposit can be paid either up front or back end at maturity. Our rates on tenor (fixed) deposit are highly rewarding and very competitive


Our superior technology puts us in a position to offer specialized funds transfer services. Thus, we can guarantee 24 hours remittance of funds to any location within Nigeria. Our correspondent banking relationships with major banks in Nigeria extend our reach to all states and many local goverment areas in Nigeria.

Our funds transfer remittances are carried out through tops rated Nigerian Banks which ensures that we can transfer and receive funds on your behalf to and from remote locations in Nigeria real time ONLINE.


Onibu-ore Microfinance Bank provides advisory services in the areas of:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Project Management Services
  • Financial Advisory
  • Insurance and Depository Advise.